IMES Presentation Notes

Thank you from Narwhals & Waterfalls!

Thank you for trusting us with your time and energy. We know you’re busy and work hard as a teacher. But as one of our P.D. attendees once said, “What do I teach? I teach students. I teach children.” We hope this P.D. session and these resources help your students, but even more, help you with self-care so that you can model for your students the importance of loving and caring for yourself.

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Counseling Resources

Find out how to get six free counseling sessions.

Notes from Fellow Teachers

As we get more great ideas and advice from other teachers, we’ll keep collecting it here.

Ideas to help with Morning Greetings:

  • Have students take turns being the greeter
  • Establish clear transitions into the start of class
  • Have a video or activity for kids already in the classroom

Ideas for the Calming Corner

  • “I set up my own PERSONAL ZEN ZONE IN THE CLASSROOM. Seeing how I handle myself when I’m overwhelmed gives my students permission to do the same.”
  • Create multiple calming corners (possibly color coded)
  • Use sheet dividers and dry erase markers with your Feelings Journal to save on paper

“Establishing BOUNDARIES is self-care”

“What do you teach?” “I teach students. I TEACH CHILDREN. That’s the correct answer.”

“When I have to discipline a student, I always make sure I say ‘I STILL LIKE YOU.'”

“I keep a ‘SHARE BUCKET‘ where students can write down and share problems anonymously and/or personally. This helps me be more aware of what might be distracting them emotionally.”

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas/resources to share, please reach out: