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Narwhals & Waterfalls is an acoustic Kindie Rock band

out of Dallas creating SEL music that kids and parents alike will love.

Short Bio

Dallas based Narwhals & Waterfalls is an acoustic Kindie Rock duo with a heart for kids. Paige Bell and Adrien Palmer, both working music teachers in the Dallas area, met in 2018 with the common goal of creating effective Social Emotional Learning materials for their students and other teachers.

Since the release of their debut album, Simple SEL, in fall 2019, along with a full curriculum and kids activity book, they have been hard at work creating music videos and playing shows to share the value of SEL with students and teachers, kids and grown-up kids everywhere. Narwhals & Waterfalls: creative songs for creative kids!

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Paige Bell and Adrien Palmer met in 2018 with a simple goal: write great music for their students and kids everywhere. Both music teachers, they wanted to use that opportunity to also teach life skills, specifically Social and Emotional Learning. More and more school districts are embracing the importance of SEL not just as a part of education, but as the foundation that makes all learning possible. Paige and Adrien recognized that need and formed Narwhals & Waterfalls to help create songs, curriculum, and resources that make SEL fun for everyone.

Inspired by Mr. Rogers, Raffi, and Laurie Berkner, N&W’s acoustic Kindie Rock sound is minimalist, translating easily from the studio to just an acoustic guitar. Many of their songs feature simple movements and prompts that can be acted out to engage the entire body in the learning process. Their live shows feature lots of crowd engagement, encouraging kids and parents to grab an egg shaker, sing and dance along, and help create a unique, special experience.

Currently, for the upcoming re-release of Simple SEL, they are creating music videos, new songs, and other bonus materials. Be on the lookout for their music on your favorite kid’s radio show or podcast! Narwhals & Waterfalls: creative songs for creative kids!