Children are constantly learning. Every interaction teaches them something new and exciting about this huge world we live in. So guess what? That means if you’ve ever interacted with a child, even in a glance on the sidewalk…you’re a teacher!


Acoustic Kindie Rock band “Narwhals and Waterfalls” consists of Singer-Songwriters Paige Bell and Adrien Palmer. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, they have both taught music to children ages 0 to 5th grade. In 2018, they connected over their passion to write creative, original songs for kids, that would be enjoyable for both kids and grown-ups alike.


N&W strives to write simple SEL that align with children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. So whether you’re a professional educator, a stay-at-home parent, a family friend or any other kind of teacher, N&W’s music promotes learning and movement, and will enhance your “student’s” life!


Adrien and Paige are confident that when N&W’s songs get stuck in your head, they will bring a smile to your face.

Paige Bell of Narwhals and Waterfalls

Paige Bell

Favorite time of the year?

Fall. I love when the weather changes and gets a bit colder.

Favorite Meal?

Breakfast with coffee! I love all types of breakfast food such as pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns and syrup. I think I could eat syrup on anything.


Running, playing with my dog, hanging out with my husband-Matt, spending time with friends and family, watching movies, yoga, traveling, hiking, eating good food, being outdoors!


I have one dog. Her name is Luna and she is 1 ½ years old. She likes to go running with me, get her belly scratched, and play fetch.

Your happy place?

Sleeping in late on a Saturday. Music playing on my record player. Sitting on a couch, covered in a blanket, with a good book in hand.

One of your favorite quotes?

“We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the power we need inside of ourselves already. We have power to imagine better. -J.K. Rowling”

Adrien Palmer of Narwhals and Waterfalls

Adrien Palmer

Favorite time of the year?

Late summer. I like tiptoeing around outside barefoot.

Favorite Meal?

Candied yams, french fries, steak and yeast rolls.


Playing guitar, “playing” drums, yoga, late-night conversations and cooking once every few weeks.


I have one dog. Her name is Tyler and she is ½ years old. She likes to chew on squeaky things, go running in circles, and…well, go back to chewing on things.

Favorite Children’s Book?

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

If you could be any animal…?

A meerkat. Obviously.

One of your favorite quotes?

“If we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” -Thomas Edison